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About Us

The Architectural Collaborative Team is an emerging local architectural design and drafting service group dedicated to the practice of collaboration. We advocate working and cooperating with our customers, contractors, and consultants to produce the best solution and product for each project we touch. We only work with consultants with a high level of commitment to service.


Our Philosophy


If I select one key principle that defines our approach to every project we touch; it is our absolute insistence on personal attention and service. Our goal is not to be the biggest architect around or to have the most projects; our goal is to be the best at what we do and to be totally involved with every aspect of your project. We can and will do this by involving the two principals, Katy James and Scott Agan, from the initial programming stages to the final closeout. You won’t see the big shots at the interview only to have your project passed off to a young subordinate as a training exercise at the Architecural Collaborative Team. Katy and Scott actually do their own work.

Here at the Architecural Collaborative Team, we practice our approach by communicating with our customers on a regular and continuing basis. We do not disappear after we sign the contract and return in a few months with a design that we think is appropriate for your needs. We meet with you, listen to your wants and needs, your goals and issues. We develop concepts with your input every step of the way; offering our knowledge of design in ways that benefit and enhance your goals and needs for your project. We keep in touch with updates on project progress throughout the construction document phase; continually addressing your concerns and ideas. Communication is the key to a successful project. 

We use a process similar to Redi-Check as our guide to quality control during the whole design phase. From the first design concept to the set of working drawings ready for permitting, we employ an interdisciplinary coordination cross check. We cross-check between the architectural documents to the structural documents, the structural to the plumbing, the plumbing to the civil, etc, etc, etc. We endeavor to give you a clean, complete set of documents with few to no errors.

We approach construction administration with the same zeal for communication. We are your advocate during the long months from bidding to the warranty period. Open, direct and honest communication and cooperation is vital between the design team and the general contractor. This team approach to the construction process fosters a win-win attitude for all participants and reflects positively on the whole process with timely problem resolution, minimal punch list and an on-time and on budget project.

Architectural Collaborative Team


Katy James - Owner - Registered Architect

My experience and skills encompass a range of pre-design phase services such as programming and initial client contact and interface as well as project closeout services including the final project debriefing. Leading the design team and client development are part of my day to day responsibilities, along with project estimating of possible costs. I have programmed, designed and managed numerous tenant improvements for both small and large clients, including developing the programming documents for large school districts. I act as the in-house review for my company, ensuring that our product meets quality standards such as applicable building codes and ADA compliance laws.  I have provided contract administration services to numerous clients, including acting as the on-site owner representative.

My responsibilities require me to have a broad knowledge of the architectural and engineering disciplines, the development and interpretation of construction drawings and specifications and the design and construction of buildings and their sites. As an architectural business owner and team leader, I juggle many tasks simultaneously, negotiating contracts and managing engineering consultants on multiple projects while providing construction administration services on others.


Scott Agan - Project Manager


Dynamic Self-Starter offers 25+ years of CADD/Computer skills and project management experience. Qualified in technical aspects of project development. Creative and dedicated graphic designer.  Successfully manages team members. Produces high quality documents that lead to successful products and satisfied clients.

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